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6 Simple Steps to Finally Finish Your First Draft

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You want a pro publisher
on a budget and a timeline.

You’re on the brink of finishing your manuscript, and you know how powerful this book is. You don’t want to spend years building up your author platform and pitching to traditional publishers, but you also want to put out a high-quality, professionally published book, without drying up your bank account.

How can you find a publishing option that’s
the real deal?

You’ve looked into some of those publishing services, where you buy a package, and they say they’ll publish your book for you. But you have to do all the hard work of getting the book ready, and then they just slap a cover on it and upload it for ebook and print-on-demand.

What if you need help with editing before publishing the book? And what if you need help with a launch plan? I hate to say it, but you’re going to pay them thousands of dollars, and they’re not going to be there for you.

And what about those “hybrid” publishers, who publish your book but want you to invest upfront and share profits with them? And how do you know which of these online hybrid publishers is legitimate and which ones are a scam?

All of these questions circling in your mind is enough to make you procrastinate on putting your book out for another year.

What if you could find a publishing company that could help you self-publish on a reasonable budget and a quick timeline?

What if the publishing company would let you have full say in your book’s content and style?

What if the publishing company would let you would keep 100% of the profits of your book?

What if the publishing company would let you work with a team of professionals, who are seasoned experts in their craft?

That’s exactly why you should publish with Paper Raven Books, a quality publishing company, without all the strings attached.

We partner with you to help you publish the best book possible, with your vision leading the way. We are a team of seasoned editors, designers, and marketers, and we’re here to walk you through the entire publishing process, step-by-step, all the way from a rough manuscript to a beautiful, published book.

When you work with the Paper Raven Books team, we bring our expertise to streamline the message of your book, fully edit every sentence, design every page with an eye for gorgeous typography, create a truly stand-out cover, and distribute your book as an ebook, paperback, and hardback.

Together, we will publish your beautiful book, that looks good on a bookshelf and can be purchased from anywhere in the world—yes, in bookstores, too.

The best part of all this? Through every phase of the publishing process, you direct the look and feel of your book, and in the end, you to keep 100% of the profits from your book sales.

With our dream publishing team, you could be a published author in a matter of months. Does that get your adrenaline pumping?

What does it look like to
publish with Paper Raven Books?

When we bring in your manuscript for publishing, we have a publishing planning session on the phone. We talk through the vision of your book, how our team will work with you throughout the publication process, and what the timeline will look like, so that you feel comfortable and fully informed from Day One. After you send us your manuscript, we’ll progress through these milestones:


In our Starter Publishing package, we go straight to copyediting, which looks closely at every sentence. We want your voice and style to stand out and be consistent, from introduction to conclusion. We examine each sentence for clarity, consistency, and flow within the broader context.

The next phase of editing is proofreading, which looks at every word and punctuation mark. We create a style sheet, especially for your book, so that all of the capitalizations, abbreviations, and spellings are perfectly consistent, throughout your book. And, of course, we’re catching every grammar error and typo, along the way.


The first part of a book’s design is the cover. You know that a good cover is absolutely crucial to your book becoming a bestseller and having the impact you know it could have. We believe that every book has a different visual style and vibe, so we ask a pool of designers to submit their cover concepts, we offer our advice on which covers adhere to classic design principles, and you pick the cover that best represents your vision.

After your manuscript has been fully edited and proofread, we begin the interior design process. We create a typographical style that suits your book’s character, and we make sure that every page looks good. Then, we look at each element of every page, from chapter headings to page numbers and paragraph spacing to bullet points, in a final proof. When we finalize your book’s files, you’ll know that it’s publishable perfect.


We manage publishing your book to Amazon Kindle as an ebook, Amazon CreateSpace as a paperback, and IngramSpark as a hardback. You’ll have one, consolidated Amazon page, where any reader in the world can buy all three versions of your book. You’ll also have an IngramSpark account, which allows any library or bookstore to order and stock your book on their shelves.


You’re publishing like a pro, so let’s launch your book like a pro, too. We help you create a launch strategy that’ll optimize your book’s launch on the Amazon platform. We’ll craft a strategy to help you get reviews ahead of the book’s launch and enough promotion during the launch to snag a best seller spot in your Amazon category. Sound overwhelming? You’ll have a project manager by your side, helping you to make sure the first full week of your launch rolls out smoothly.


Throughout all of this, from editing to launching, your book will have a dedicated project manager who will be in constant contact with you and your book’s team. Your project manager will make sure all your questions are answered, that your book stays on schedule, that every file is uploaded correctly and on time for your publication date, and that your launch is smooth. Don’t worry, we’ll be there with you, every step of the way. Because we’ve got your back, you can use all your energy and excitement to promote the heck out of your beautiful book.

Is this right for me?

We created the Starter Publishing package for the new entrepreneur, who wants to use their book build their list and launch new products and services. You’re in a unique position. This book is a part of your brand, so you need it to be pro. The people reading it might consider spending a lot of money with you as a coach, consultant, teacher, speaker, or guide, and if it looks like you got the book done on Fiverr, they’re not going to look twice at how you can help them.

You need to put this book out quickly, so you can build momentum in your business. It needs to be professional, so people will take you seriously. And it needs to fit a budget, so you can keep investing in all the areas of your growing venture.

That’s why we put together this publishing package. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t. Your book will be fully professionally edited, designed, published, and even launched with a strategy to land you as a bestseller on Amazon. And we’ll be with you, every step of the way.

What’s the investment?

Each book project is a little bit different, so when you apply for publication with Paper Raven Books, we’ll get some additional details about your book, and we’ll send you a proposal and quote that’s specific to your book’s needs.

Our prices start at $6,000 for a 20,000-word book.

We know you want to publish a professional book, and we’re here to deliver the best editing, design, and publishing service on the market today. If you’re looking for a publishing team that’s dedicated to creating the vision that you have for your book, we would be ridiculously excited to partner with you in publishing your book.

How do I apply?

We ask for an application, so that we can make sure our team is a perfect fit for your book. After you submit your application, we’ll schedule a free consultation call and talk with you in-depth about what it would look like for you to partner with us in publishing your book. Please fill out an application for publishing here:

Apply to publish with Paper Raven Books here.